AI Powered Vision AI Powered Vision

For blind and low-vision people to identify surroundings and read text by audio for more independence.

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How It Works

BriteCam Camara

A wearable camera, attached to glasses and connected to phone, captures images of your surroundings.

BriteCam Vision App

AI-powered Android app processes the images and speaks to you the identified objects, text, faces, products, and foods.

BriteCam life

It communicates visual information audibly, in real-time and offline, helping you work, go shopping, and live a more independent life!

BriteCam Vision Demo

Our Features


Our products use the latest AI technologies to identify common objects, text, people, products, and foods.


Our products are made affordable at a fraction of other similar products that cost thousands of dollars.


Our app processes all sensitive user data offline and on-device at the user's phone, keeping the data private to the user.


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